We think a sale is just the beginning of a relationship, not the end of it.

Once we’ve found you the best hardware for your needs and budget, we’ll stay as involved as you need us to be, with flexible, comprehensive support options available.

The helpdesk is your first point of contact for support, and a fast track to a friendly, effective and fast resolution (in plain English, not IT jargon and gobbledegook).
We know the effect downtime has on your business and always aim to provide the fastest response and timely updates.

For more extensive training and support, Barefoot can set up an on-site help team staffed by proficient engineers fully equipped with the latest training.

Remote support, meanwhile, speeds up solutions, with our support staff able to take action as soon as you call up with a problem.

Being able to demonstrate something visually right on your own computer screen makes things even plainer still. And without commuting times and costs, makes for a quicker, more economical service that can also run outside office hours.

There’s no call centre labyrinth here. One problem, one call, one engineer.