Intelligent Disaster Recovery

Intelligent Disaster Recovery

Backups are not optional

Your data is priceless.

That’s not an exaggeration or sensationalism. You probably already know how it feels to lose files, statements and photos on your home PC – orginal documents which you just never quite got round to copying. Gutting, isn’t it?

With the average business investing around £50,000 in computer data alone (and that’s not including the repercussions if you lose client and contacts data), ‘gutting’ is more like being punched in the stomach when you’re hit by data loss.

So why do so many businesses fail to plan for disaster recovery?


Rule 1: don't keep the backup with the original


It sounds blindingly obvious, but you wouldn’t take a photocopy of an important document for safe-keeping – and put it right beside the original where both can be damaged, stolen or lost, would you?

The safest route is an automatic procedure (no danger of forgetting to switch something on, or put a disk in somewhere) with the peace of mind of secure data and email back-ups stored off-site, but with instant access and reliable restoration should you need it.

Barefoot’s intelligent disaster recovery offers this as standard, of course – we can even back your data up in ‘real time’ or out of office hours, so backups are made every second, every minute, every hour or every night: the choice is yours.


Rule 2: consider the bigger picture


If you’re lucky in the event of a critical data loss, you’ll be back in business within around 72 hours. If you’re lucky. If you’re not, it could be weeks – or longer.

When people think about potential data loss, they typically consider it from direct risk to property (a fire, for instance).

What about the indirect risks? Flooding on a main road in the region that stops your staff coming to work? Or your suppliers from delivering?

Insurance is fine if you only place a monetary value on your time and output, and speedy restoration isn’t an issue. Loss of profits may also be covered by insurance – but there could still be long-term implications for your business.

Barefoot’s business continuity procedures are in the bag, with access to up to ten-years’ archiving of all your online backed-up data and emails.
So, when and if disaster does strike, you and your employees can access your data via the Internet, immediately.

In the meantime, relax – Barefoot has it covered.